Roof Leaks

As professional roof leak experts we have the expertise and experience to detect the leak and seal it up properly. We have all the necessary tools to produce a perfect job. We can also give you advice and ideas on when to replace or how and when to do preventative maintenance.

Roof Repairs

If your roof is more than 20 years old and most of the shingles are damaged or badly worn, it's time to replace it. Maintaining a sound roof literally tops the list of crucial home repairs: It keeps you and your family warm and dry, along with everything in your house. Any damage or signs of wear call for immediate action to keep water from seeping under the shingles and rotting the wood sheathing beneath.

Preventative Maintenance

Roofs are similar to cars. Cars, like roofs, require proper maintenance – change the oil regularly, rotate the tires, check and maintain all the major fluids, get milestone tune-ups. The same holds true for your roofing system. A proactive approach to roof maintenance will allow you to anticipate future roofing needs and plan your budget accordingly.